Annika from Helsinki, Finland.
Hopelessly romantic. Tireless and autodidact sage of almost everything what has interested me for years. Easily addicting to everything.

Why I'm using Tumblr? 'Cause it's the best place to post pics and other stuffs.

That's enough of that shit.
-Clint Eastwood


Kinda busy week I have…


- Visiting Granny —> in 30 minutes.
- Maybe: To Mall —> Christmas Presents to family

- Finland’s Independence Day —> Watching the president’s parties at tv.
(it’s tradition here, it’s like Academy Awards in a bit smaller croup of people in gowns and suits.)

- Job Interview —> Graphic Designer work

- Only weekday with nothing on plan…yet.

- Job Interview —> Graphic Designer work
-  Lilla’ Christmas parties @ best friend’s new home

Saturday & Sunday:
- nothing….yet, except surviving from hangover. 

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